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Cantera Stone





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Forge Iron Designs offers the Natural Stonework and custom made orders according to our client�s needs. Handcarved and handcrafted stonework directly from workshops made by Mexican Artisans into flooring, wall-covering, columns, fountains, fireplaces, moldings, etc. Cantera stone is a natural stone which was originally quarried in Mexico. Cantera stone is a strong, malleable natural stone formed by volcanic dust and ash washed into silt beds and combined with lava and local stone where it is compressed and over millions of years turns into cantera stone. It is most notable for its light weight and ability to be customized according to any specific architectural or aesthetic needs. Forge Iron Designs offers natural Cantera stone fountains and custom made orders according to all of our client�s needs and requirements. Our work is hand carved and hand crafted in authentic workshops directly by Mexican artisans. We are proud to offer flooring options, wall coverings, columns, fountains, fireplaces, and custom moldings made from cantera.

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Cantera Stone Colors

 american black

American Black

 american brown

American Brown

 american red

American Red

 black america

Black America

 cafe ii

Cafe II

 choncuela rustica

Conchuela Rusti

 conchuela retapada

Conchuela retap



 galindo brown

Galindo Brown





 maya brown

Maya Brown

 mexican orange

Mexican Orange

 mexican pink

Mexican Pink

 mexican white

Mexican White

 michoacan grey

Michoacan Grey





 red america

Red America

 rosa pink

Rosa  Pink

 tajin gray

Tajin Gray


Cantera is a natural product evolved over the centuries of time. No two pieces of cantera are identical. The variations in shade and veining are what gives each piece its individuality and characteristics. Chips  and cracks are also inherent because of the manual labor involved in creating the artistic beauty of cantera adding a rustic look.

  Cantera can be mined or quarried from caves and mountains. It is removed in large blocks, cut onto slabs, columns,   fountains, pots, benches, fences and many more creations limited only to imagination and creativity.

  Cantera�s natural beauty can greatly enhance the beauty of any home or business.


Cantera stone is a volcanic, sedimentary stone that was formed millions of years ago and lay in vast quantities throughout North America. Limestone is also a sedimentary stone and is typically white or almost white in its appearance. However, limestone is available in different colors due to impurities which were present during its formation. Limestone is composed largely of the mineral calcium carbonate. Travertine is a densely compacted version of limestone and is typically banded in its color due to its formation along areas of hot springs where waters containing carbonate are exposed to the air. As the water evaporates the remaining material is calcium carbonate in the form of travertine.


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Customer Service (813) 990-0785

Our hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.  If during or after business hours you reach a recording,

please leave us a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible.